About us

Welcome in smart world, which takes care about economy and ecology during taking care about light solutions.

Company Ekosvetlo s.r.o. was founded in 2009 based on big technical knowledge and background of both owners of company.

Company is targeted mostly to ecological and economical lighting systems with almost neverending lifetime. These are imported straight from manufacturers. Company Ekosvětlo is distributing these systems mostly in Czech, Slovak, Poland and Hungary, but second division is also working as turnkey contractor.

Ekosvetlo s.r.o. is targeted to lighting systems for industry, logistics hall, sports areas, street lighting, advertising spaces, offices and spaces with special needs (chemical agressive, high temperature or low temperature).

In case of photometric projects and offers we always present more solutins with ROI calculation, in more cases of investition/quality categories, depends on saving parameters, lifetime parameter, quality of light and other criteries.

Besides distribution is Ekosvětlo offering also full technical support, advice, blueprints of internal and external lighting and these all based on European standards and requests from IEC.


Our clients

  • MotorolaMotorola
  • Automotive LightingAutomotive Lighting